Filipino martial arts center opens in SoHo

NEW YORK CITY — A Filipino-American is attempting to make a name for himself in New York’s world of mixed martial arts by teaching new yorkers the art of Filipino self-defense through Kali and Filipino martial arts.

As a young boy, Jojo Ron was mugged and bullied growing up in the Philippines, so he decided to learn how to defend himself by taking martial arts lessons.

Today, not only can he defend himself, he is teaching others how to defend themselves as a martial arts guru at a newly opened family martial arts center at New York City’s SoHo district.

A 6th-degree black belt from the world taekwondo federation, Ron is an undefeated Philippine national champion, as well as the coach for the Philippine national team.

A former member of the Philippine military special forces, he brings with him 37 years of teaching experience including his experience as a Philippine SWAT team instructor.

At this family martial arts center, Ron, together with Filipino taekwondo and kali instructor master RV – both use real-life scenario simulations to teach defensive movements for men, women and children.

Ron says the martial arts family studio also strongly support women learning and practicing self-defense in a safe space especially now in the age of #MTtoo and #TimesUp movement.

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