Filipino-made rideshare app, Qudos

NEW YORK — These Filipinos have something big to celebrate.

Filipino iOS system developer Neil Anthony Rollon has created an app that they claim would rival ride-sharing apps such as Uber.

The Qudos app works the same exact way as any ridesharing or ride-hailing programs.

But Rollon says it’s the only ride-sharing app that connects riders and drivers providing a highly personalized ride experience.

“Yung Qudos kasi meron kaming tinatawag na ride with a favorite, imagine you can have your own personal driver at your own time… kung kailan mo sila gusto,” Rollon said. “You can actually have a reliable ride request.”

“We are the first Filipino, the first asian to dare operate a ride-hailing company in the US. With much more advanced technologies.”

The creators of Qudos believe their new app can give both riders and drivers a much better experience by encouraging a personal relationship.

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