Filipino-made Pixar SparkShorts ‘Float’ and ‘Loop’ dazzle LA audiences

HOLLYWOOD —  For the last week, the historic El Capitan theater in Los Angeles has a Pinoy “Spark.”

Since October 1st, Disney has attached three Pixar SparkShorts to a special screening of the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus.

Two of the shorts, Float and Loop, are produced by Fil-Am Krissy Cababa, who came with Float director and fellow Pinoy, Bobby Rubio.

Float follows a Filipino family with an extraordinary secret, while Loop depicts some of the challenges of young people with disabilities.

“Really excited but a little bit nervous, Bobby is putting his personal story out there and we want people to make sure that it resonates with people and also because we’re representing Filipino characters on screen. Filipino American characters on screen for the first time — that’s another reason for us to be hopeful people respond to it and they recognize themselves.”

Rubio, who had many supporters from his hometown of San Diego, and along with his wife, as well as Cababa, got a chance to tour the legendary Disney-owned theater, where he left a lasting mark.

“It’s a legacy, the Disney legacy to be a part of that. It’s overwhelming, it’s heartening, and I feel very blessed to be part of this.”

For these Pixar Pinoys, it was a chance to create seldom-told stories, some based on real-life, that would touch audiences.

“At Pixar and other studios, it feels like the mood is changing a bit and more diverse and different people are getting a chance to tell their stories.”

“It was so touching it really resonated with me. I think it’ll resonate with a lot of Asian Americans.”

The special screenings of Float and Loop run until October 7th.

However, they will be part of the Disney Plus streaming service, which launches in November.

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