Filipino-made films featured at SF Bay Area film festival

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – A red carpet event marks the 34th year for the Center for Asian American Media will present CAAMFest – an 11-day celebration of film, music, food, and digital media from Asian and Asian American artists.

Coming off of the #OscarSoWhite movement protesting the lack of diversity in films, CAAMFest continues to be a showcase for Asian directors, writers and actors.

“I think when we look at the Academy Awards and we see a lack of diversity, that definitely impacts Asian-Americans,” said Masashi Niwano, festival & exhibition director. “I think Asian Americans know more than many that a lack of representation is incredibly damaging to a community.”

Representing 20 countries, 122 films will be shown at the festival and Filipinos are well-represented in many of those features.

“We’re seeing some advances but we still have a long way to go,” said Stephen Gong, CAAM executive director. “There’s no doubt that festivals like this play an important role to launch and bring together the creative community.”

“Kid Kulafu,” the story of Manny Pacquiao’s young boxing career will be featured.

Documentaries that focuses on unique Filipino experiences are also on hand, such as “Be About It” which documents a Pinoy father living with hepatitis B and “It Runs in the Family,” which tells the story of a young gay Filipino Canadian artist reflecting on his struggle with being gay and Roman Catholic.

The festival closes with the inspiring story of the life of the armless Pinay pilot Jessica Cox in the documentary “Right Footed.”

Local director and CAAMFest alum HP Mendoza will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his cult classic “Colma: The Musical.”

“The Filipino community here in the Bay Area and in the nation is so vibrant,” said Niwano. “It’s always hard for us just to pick a couple of films, but we have a nice array of films.”

CAAMFest began on March 13 and concludes on Sunday March 20.

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