Filipino identified as suspect in Las Vegas shooting incident

by Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN News


LAS VEGAS, NV — The suspect in the fatal Las Vegas Strip shooting Saturday is identified as 55-year-old Filipino Hawaiian, Rolando Bueno Cardenas.

One killed, one wounded and many questions left unanswered on what triggered Cardenas in a shooting incident.

On Saturday, police and SWAT team closed down the Strip between Flamingo Road and Harmon Avenue over a fatal shooting incident.

Cardenas is from Hawaii, and moved to Las Vegas in 2008. He has no prior criminal history.

Las Vegas Metro Police says that Cardenas rode the RTC double-decker bus, and took the last seat of the second floor. As the passengers were exiting the bus at a bus stop, this was when Cardenas opened fire.

Gary Breitling, a tourist from Sidney, Montana, died at UMC hospital.

Brietling was visiting Las Vegas with his wife.

The negotiation between Cardenas and Las Vegas Metro Police lasted for over 3 hours. Cardenas eventually surrendered peacefully and no shots were fired during the surrender.

“I didn’t see the people leaving the public bus, but we saw when the SWAT team were trying to surround the bus,” said witness and employee Aaron Buncio.

Because of this fatal incident, many casino workers and hotel guests were stuck inside.

Some casino employees could not go home, and many were left concerned about their safety.

“A lot of the Filipinos work there [in the casinos]… weren’t able to go in especially Aria, Csmopolitan, Bellagio… because again the SWAT team and the police barricaded the area,” said Buncio.

Rolando Bueno Cardenas is facing multiple charges of discharging a gun within a vehicle, murder, attempted murder, and burglary while in possession of a gun.

Cardenas is due to appear in court Monday, with a bail set of $40,000.



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