Filipino Heritage District in SF takes next step toward reality

SAN FRANCISCO – The City’s Land Use Committee hearing listened to many San Francisco Filipino residents, workers, and numerous organizations expressed their support for the Filipino Heritage District in the South of Market neighborhood also known as the SoMa.

Among them was the SoMa’s district supervisor, Jane Kim.

“We’re going to spend the next six months working with the community, our planning department, the mayor’s office of economic and workforce development, as well as the school district and other city departments to develop a robust program not just to preserve and remember the history and contributions of Filipino and Filipino-American community but also, to really figure out how to maintain this community in the future,” said Kim.

Filipinos of the SoMa say that this district will honor past Filipino contributions to San Francisco and create more opportunities for the future.

“When we started this work in 2000 it was just an idea but the importance of having this come to fruition really must include the community,” said Bernadette Sy of the Filipino American Development Foundation. “It must include their engagement and in doing do we get a much more robust program and a more robust district that helps to serve our community.”

Long time SoMa resident Rico Riemedio adds, “I remember when we first started living here in the SoMa most of the Filipinos coming here from the Philippines SoMa is where they landed at and this is where their life begins.”

“I think it’s not just for them to see a Filipino cultural heritage district but also to experience it in the community and having that kind of pride instilled in our culture already,” said Charmin Consolacion of Galing Bata.

Future projects for the Filipino Heritage District include special Filipino small businesses, bilingual education, along with youth and Filipino cultural arts programs.

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  • Kenikeni
    8 April 2016 at 11:45 am - Reply

    It’s about time!!