Filipino groups come together to feed frontline workers amid the pandemic

NEW YORK CITY — One group of young Filipino Americans in NYC, Project Barkada, has not stopped caring for the hundreds of healthcare workers on the frontlines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yeah about a month, that I’ve been delivering and connecting with folks. There’s so many people out here doing good and really want to help,” said Lugao Kasberg.

“A lot of this stuff is from other people. You got pancit from Kabisera, we work with Joanne, to provide the meals. We also got cookies from Mary Jane, also from the Pineapple from the Big Apple. She made the ube cookies. We don’t just work by ourselves, we can’t, we wouldn’t be effective.  Yeah, that’s the whole meaning of Barkada,” said Joey Natale.

The group was formed in response to what they thought frontline workers would need the most.

They coordinated with different local Fil-Am chefs and restaurant owners for the food. Money donated to the group goes to pay for supplies.

Across the Hudson River, in New Jersey, similar efforts from the Philippine American Friendship Committee, or PAFCOM NJ. Efforts that medical workers told ABS-CBN News they truly appreciate.

“We’re busy from the minute we step in the hospital and to the moment we sign off. We barely get to take breaks, eat, go to the bathroom unfortunately,” said nurse Ashley Lapid.

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations and new cases in New York and New Jersey hospitals have lessened, according to officials.

More patients are fortunate to recover and go home, but healthcare workers said they can’t let their guards down just yet.

“I don’t want to relax because right now for the hospitals, for the administrative role, we’re preparing for the second wave. I mean nobody wants to see that. But, you have to be prepared.”

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