Filipino Google Network co-founder Regina Manzana Sawhney honored in NY

NEW YORK — Regina Manzana-Sawhney, co-founder of the Filipino Google Network, was honored at the “Make Your Mark” dinner fundraiser by the Advancement for Rural Kids, ARK.

Manzana-Sawhney co-founded the Filipino Google Network after learning that there were Filipinos working at all levels for Google.

One of her group’s achievements is to equip non-profit organizations in the Philippines, such as microfinance companies, with Google Tech.

“What folks would do in the non-profit, they would go from place to place and markdown, ok, where they’re lending money… the whole floor is covered with pieces of paper, that are pages of a map, that they’ve taped together to markdown, dito ako nag-lend, so we put that online.”

Instead of manually adding these data to a physical map, the Filipino Google Network helped them with a digital solution, using Google Maps.

“You could get on your phone now, it’s just a matter of bridging that gap from an education standpoint. Do you know na when you go around with your phone pwede mong gawin to’ so teach them.” 

Today, the Filipino Google Network has about 1,000 members across 50 Google offices globally.

“I think something very unique about Filipinos is this collaborative nature of giving.”

Regina believes her work is never done — as she continues to learn something new every day.


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