Filipino Food Week: Connecting Hawaii’s Filipino chefs and cuisine

HAWAII — Food companies and foodies gathered recently to elevate the Filipino dining experience.

Filipinos, food, and fostering camaraderie – recently the Philippine consulate general in Honolulu, in partnership with L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, hosted an industry mixer.

For Filipinos and Fil-Ams working in the food and beverage industry, the networking event at L&L’s Ala Wai Golf Course branch was meant to gather together different people from the restaurant industry.

The networking event serves as a prequel to Filipino Food Week, which will be happening in June. The event aims to showcase and highlight Filipino cuisine to the world.

Hawaii born-and-raised Walter Espiritu, attended the mixer to meet Fil-Am restaurant industry professionals. He shared that he too was looking forward to the upcoming Filipino Food week.

“It allows the Filipino cuisine to be shared with the general Hawaii public. I mean, it’s huge to have these different restaurants be able to share different Filipino cuisine outside of Filipino restaurants.”

Filipino food week is an initiative of the Philippine embassy in Washington DC, together with the 10 consulates all over the U.S. to promote Filipino cuisine to a wider audience.

L&L president and COO Bryan Andaya talked about the significance of the Filipino food week initiative to the community.

“I think this event really symbolizes a recognition of the role that people from the Filipino community play in this industry… especially for our kababayans, who are working in the kitchen and in the different restaurants…”

Andaya also emphasized jobs within the restaurant industry as a career and entrepreneurship options for those who may be interested in working with food or making it their own business.

“It’s a fine career to work in the food and beverage industry, in a restaurant, and maybe work your way, eventually becoming a manager perhaps… but there’s also another path, avenue. If really your passion is food and beverage, it is possible to one day own your own restaurant… either under your own name or becoming a franchisee of a major franchise system… there’s so many opportunities.”

The networking event attendees were treated to some of l&l’s specials like garlic chicken, kalua pork, and chow mein.

With less than two weeks to go community members interested in participating are encouraged to visit for more information.

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