Filipino food vloggers make impact in Winnipeg business community

by Rhia Alcantara, ABS-CBN News

WINNIPEG — Two food enthusiasts who simply started by showing their daily packed lunch, or baon, live on social media — have become popular food vloggers in Winnipeg.

Aldous Guzman and Noel Lapuz recently celebrated the firs- year anniversary of their food tasting adventure, now known as Diverse Food Canada.

“Food is a universal language, Winnipeg or Canada is so Diverse when we talk about food everybody connects through food so yun ang maganda so everybody is just too friendly about food and we talk about our cultureskung saan tayo galing, we taste different foods and we taste different culture as well .. and the love of food what is good in here we’re tasting the food, the actors are the food and we’re helping local entrepreneurs as well to bring in local food, taste local food here in Manitoba and here in Canada,” said Aldous Guzman, Owner, Diverse Industries Limited.

Featuring not just Filipino foods, the vlogs serve as a great introduction to Canada’s diverse palette.

“Napakaraming mga Filipino at the same time we want the Filipino communities to try the other culture the other food na nandito din saWinnipeg, which are Ukrainian, Germany, Epalese at marami pang iba. Ang kagandahan nito we want Filipino culture to blend into different cultures it’s a Miss Universe/Mr. Universe of food dito sa Winnipeg”

Their trend-setting impact has helped not just fellow kababayans’ local food businesses… but also other up and coming food entrepreneurs.

“Because they don’t have any medium to advertise their restaurants or eatery or something so they approach us – if they have new flavor new menu they call us so will go to their place and we will feature them for free, that is advertising for free and we love doing that for the community”

“The first night we had about 10,000 views, it was very overwhelming and then people were coming in, and they were watching the video they were commenting on the videos. It was very exciting. The benefit is free advertising, you cant get free advertising and that it the best advertisement ever.

With helping the community in mind, Diverse Food Canada’s big goal is to turn their influence to something bigger.

“We’re featuring food this time, and we started this on featuring community events that caters to food that feed the people bringing back to community through food, food will help a lot of souls… Agape table, Banack queen toname a few these are the people that we’re willing to help and will help in the future to connect people through food

Proof that social media success can be filling both in heart — and belly.

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