Filipino flavors featured at the ‘Khaykery’ in the heart of Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC — Looking for new flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings?

The Khaykery might just be the answer for you.

 Where else can you find ube-flavored cupcakes topped with leche flan, calamansi muffins, and sylvanas that come in different flavors, in the heart of Vancity?

 “I’m proud to be a Filipino diba kasi dun ako nakilala ng mga customers ko and gusto ko talagang ipagmalaki na marami tayong flavors na masasarap…. calamansi, and ube… as much as possible gusto ko talagang ipakilala sa iba yung mga flavors natin sa Pilipinas,” says owner Khay Nagasan.

“I’m proud to be Filipino and that’s how I am known to my customers. I really want to show people our delicious flavors — calamansi, ube — as much as possible, I really want to highlight the flavors from the Phiippines.”

Nagasan admitted she’s had no formal training in baking and pastry making.

But thanks to Youtube videos, it started with a D-I-Y cake for her son’s birthday a few years ago, which led to orders for her home-made goodies from friends. 

Her most popular sylvannas flavors are inspired from family favorites.

“At first ayaw ko I-pursue kasii mahirap tapos may maliit pa ako. Pero makikita mo reactions ng mga customers,ang sarap sa pakiramdam na nagpapasaya ka ng mga tao.”

“At first, I didn’t want to pursue it because it was challenging and then to top it off, I still had my little one. But when I saw reactions from my customers, it felt good that my creations brought them happiness.”

The Khaykery is also active on social media…where followers get daily teasers on what new flavors are available.

And while the shop has only been opened for a few months, they’ve been getting inquiries from other parts of Canada, the States — even in Manila!

 “Talagang na-a-amaze ako, wow, ang gusto ko lang naman talaga is mag bake at magbenta ng products ko and to get mga interest na ganun is so amazing.”

“I’m really amazed — like wow — all I just wanted was to bake and sell my products and to get people interested. It’s so amazing.”

The Khaykery is located on Robson St. in Vancouver.

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