Filipino filmmaker helps document cross-country Drive for Men’s Health

LOS ANGELES — Orlando-based award winning filmmaker, and part time Adobo Nation crewmember, Josh Ortiz, just had an interesting and healthy summer.

The former HBO project greenlight-er was backseat and behind the lens of this electric Tesla vehicle, as part of the Drive for Men’s Health.

“This is changing, this is like something I never thought I’d do because, I love documentary work,” he shared. “But this is different, following around two doctors, I’m learning a lot.”

For Men’s Health is led by two doctors from the Pur clinic. The week-long drive stretched from Orlando, and ended in Salt Lake City.
On each trip, the two Indian American doctors would raise issues on men’s health — from general care, to sexual education and fitness.

They’ve been doing this for four years.

“We want ant men to get comfortable talking about difficult topics, we need to take ownership of our health,” said Dr.
Sijo Parekattil. “When we look at the statistics there’s a real disparity between men and women. Women do a much better job in taking care of themselves.”

“Filipinos are conservative, Indians are conservative; I don’t think my dad ever talked to me about anything related to sex or along those lines — but our generation needs to change that,” said Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt. “Being first generation Asian American, I’m going to be a lot more open with my own children.”

While there will be a lot of talking about and raising issues on men’s health, there’s also a lot of doing.
As Doctors Cijo and Jamin lead by example, they make sure their crew also gets into the physical activity. For their Los Angeles stop…Ortiz took part in the Soulcycle session.

“Men or Filipino culture; we never talk about our own health, it’s taboo to talk about health I really want to help with this breaking down the awkwardness of talking about our health.”

While the cross country trips only last a week, the drive for men’s health team hopes to keep the movement going year round,sharing tips on their Facebook page as they plan next year’s trek. It has been a journey that the 28-year-old Ortiz has cherished.


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