Filipino filmmaker finds success on YouTube

PROVO, Utah – Show business is a tough business to break into, but thanks to YouTube, you no longer have to leave home for Hollywood to make a name for yourself in the entertainment industry.

Just ask Rj Idos.

For the past two years, the Filipino photographer has directed and shot numerous widely circulated videos that have landed approximately 71.6 million views on YouTube.

One of his latest productions – an “old town” cover of Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk” – collected almost five million clicks when it trended on the internet earlier this year.

“It’s YouTube,” he said. “Ten years ago, you can’t really do this as much, but today, if you have a talent and you post it online, there’s a possibility it could go viral.”

Though he’s sometimes an extra in the videos, Idos prefers to be behind the camera, especially when he works with YouTube celebrities like Alex Boye and Stuart Edge.

“It’s really fun to be behind the scenes and knowing that ‘Oh yeah, we got that shot,'” he said.

Eleven years ago, Idos moved from Quezon City to Provo. At that time, he knew absolutely nothing about photography.

“I started just taking random photos,” he said. “It developed into wedding photography, and my network just started building with referrals and all that.”

Since then, Idos has learned all about the art of shooting videos as well as what it takes to create a viral recording.

“There’s a lot of factors,” he said. “Sponsorships, the quality of the video, the content of the video, who you’re collaborating with.”

With those things in mind, Idos launched a new channel on YouTube earlier this month that will feature Disney-related content, including parodies and music videos.

“We’ll be doing a lot of parodies. We’ll be doing a lot of dancing, singing, acting. Just a lot of fun stuff,” he said.

Idos believes the channel will be a hit with viewers, and he looks forward to what all the clicks and views will lead to next.

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