Filipino fashion designer’s creations depicts battle of good vs evil

TORONTO, CANADA — Amato Couture’s first fashion show in Toronto was held on October 7 at the Church of the Redeemer.

Rachelle Cruz shares the story of how this Filipino designer, who has no formal training in fashion, created this Dubai-based label into a global one with his creative genius.

Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s character and life story, Furne One’s collection graced the aisles of the cathedral in sweeping pastel blues, seafoam greens and blush hues, the UN-HOLY collection depicts the battle between good and evil.

Furne Oné was only 10 years old when he found his muse in his mother and grandmother through their personal style.

“I don’t know the term fashion designer that time because I was 10. And the closest, when I reached high school, I started sketching and making dresses for my dolls. I took up fine arts and majored in advertising because there was no fashion school that time in Cebu.”

Furne participated in prestigious fashion design competitions judged by International fashion players — that’s when Lingerie designer-Josie Natori was so impressed with Furne’s work that she offered him an internship in both her design studios in Paris and New York.

Eventually, Furne teamed up with a textile business owner, Rashid Ali, to create Amato in 2002.

He has dressed up world-class personalities like Lady Gaga, Shakira, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, to name a few. He has worked on the fashion week circuit in Los Angeles, Dubai, London, Miami and several other events around the world, and winning accolades.

The organizer of this show, Couture, Culture & Arts, says it continues its initiative to hone the local talents in Canada, in the world of arts and fashion.


“That is actually the core of CCA. Most of our volunteers are actually students from Ryerson University, fashion business students and for them, to see up close the designs of Furne Amato, it can actually make them think that dreams do come true,” said Claris Minas Manglicmot, the founder and executive director of Couture, Culture & Arts.The romantic style of Amato’s couture captivated the audiences.


“The designer did such an amazing job, and pairing the two, the location and the clothing, the style…out of this world,” said Ollya Levy.


“I would have to congratulate the organizers, particularly CCA — Couture, Culture and Arts in Toronto for bringing this world-class talent and to put this against the backdrop of this hundred-year-old Victorian church,” said Rica Baello.”It’s really fantastic to add to the creative..”


Amato Couture will be the finale for Dubai’s Fashion Week in late October called Fashion Forward.

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