Filipino family’s racist letter goes viral

A Fil-Am man, Marc Yu, from Vacaville, California posted on Facebook an anonymous, racist letter he and his family supposedly received on Wednesday.

In the letter, the anonymous sender complained about Marc Yu’s front lawn, saying that Meadowlands is an older neighborhood with established residents who pride themselves with keeping their area clean.

The letter sender asked Yu and his family to leave — threatening to contact their landlord and saying “this is not the ghetto” and that “renters like yourselves cannot possibly afford a home in our area.”

Furthermore, the letter attacked Yu’s family for being of mixed-race, saying, “We may sound harsh, but your interracial family is not welcome here.”

Yu is Filipino and Chinese and his wife, Sandy is Mexican. They have five children together.

Yu has a message for the letter sender on facebook, saying “I own my home so I can’t wait for them to contact the “landlord.”

The police said this case does not rise to the level of a hate crime but insisted the letter does not represent the community of Vacaville as a whole.

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