Filipino family mourns after their son was murdered in Daly City

DALY CITY, CA — This family is mourning the loss of their 31-year-old son, Mark Manggacat, who was also a father to a young child.

“He’s like our everything, parang handyman siya dito eh, anything we need help, he takes care of us. We need computer problem, phones not working, everything, I need to change the light, he does it, and we lost him.”

The San Mateo County district attorney’s office says that last Wednesday, Mangaccat, an employee at San Francisco International Airport, was shot dead by a former co-worker — 31-year-old Kevin Prasad.

Prosecutors say Prasad had been trying to pursue Mangaccat’s fiancee and mother to his child, who was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting. All three worked at the airport together.

“Nalaman ko lang noong after namatay si Mark and she was really interrogated, she just thinks that there was this guy that wants to something like he was interested with her, parang nagaway na sila sa anak ko, matagal na sa work,” said his mother Myrna.

Mark’s parents say their son had just picked up his fiancée from the airport and pulled into their home’s driveway behind, when the suspect approached their vehicle and shot Mark, killing him on the scene.

After the shooting, Prasad allegedly ran back to a car driven by 25-year-old Donovan Rivera. The next day, investigators identified and arrested the two, who are now charged with Mangaccat’s murder.

As the family continues to mourn, they remember their late son as an obedient homebody and a doting father.

“When you tell him, he listens. He doesn’t answer back. He doesn’t say bad words. Napakabait.”

Mangaccat’s fiancee did not want to be interviewed, but has said she is heartbroken by the loss of the father of her child.

“She said that mark is his soulmate, and she really really loved him.”

As Mangaccat’s parents make funeral arrangements for their son, they also await justice for his alleged killers.

“Kailangan its either death penalty or mabulok siya, rot in jail. If its life imprisonment it should be without parole. Kailangan binigyan ng justice yung anak ko.”

Prasad and Rivera are set to appear in court again on May 8 to possibly enter pleas.

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