Filipino family charged with allegedly running a human trafficking ring out of Bay Area daycare center

DALY CITY — Four Filipino family members from the Bay Area are accused of human rights violations, worker rights, and possession of illegal weapons.

As owners and operators of care facilities, authorities say this family-targeted the Filipino community, including recent immigrants.

Joshua, Noel, Gerlen and Carlina Gamos all remain in jail under a combined $9 million bail, and face 59 counts of human trafficking, rape, and labor abuse.

The family is charged with running a human trafficking ring out of the Rainbow Bright Child Day Care Center in Daly City — which they owned and operated — along with two residential senior care facilities in Pacifica and South San Francisco.

Authorities also seized 14 illegal assault weapons including three “ghost guns” without serial numbers.

However, out of fear of retaliation and with the revelation of the illegal assault weapons, they asked for their identity to be concealed.

“They were very good people. they were very nice and accommodating. They treated us like family. and it was a major, major disappointment to hear what went down.”

The family says the only suspicious activity was the sudden change of wealth.

“A couple times when I was picking up my kids and I saw them driving some lavish cars. So I was like ‘wow, must be doing really good with this daycare business and senior healthcare.’ I saw BMW M3s and the Ferraris.”

According to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the money for those alleged cars may have been from failure to pay the state income taxes, workers compensation, and state unemployment insurance.

Investigators say the owners targeted the Filipino community, especially new immigrants, forcing them to work nearly 24 hours, making them sleep on floors and in garages.

According to officials, the arrests were part of a year-long investigation by multiple agencies, and aided by workers of Rainbow Bright.

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