Filipino environmentalist says CA will resist any Trump setbacks to climate justice

OAKLAND, Calif. – A demonstration of creating traditional Filipino treats using home grown vegetables, fruits, and ingredients was to teach children and other members of the San Francisco Bay Area community to cook for self-determination.

The Filipino/American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity (FACES) hosted this event as part of its Sweet 16th anniversary of fighting for climate justice.

Mari Rose Taru, board chair of FACES, said, “We think that in these times of climate change we really need to be able to teach our kids and out families the skills to either know how to make our food, how to build things, know how to grow our food and so the FACES program for climate justice include a community garden and teaching young people how to cook and grow their own food.”

Lilian Galedo of the Filipino Advocates for Justice added, “These kinds of struggles take a generation or more and these are young people who are learning to appreciate the climate and learning to be stewards of the climate and we’re all going to have to play a role.”

FACES joins the international climate justice community in their concern over Donald Trump’s presidency and his refusal to recognize the existence of climate change.

Ever more so now that sources say Trump will appoint either Oklahoma oil tycoon or leading proponent of fracking, Harold Hamm, or North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer, an early Trump supporter from a major oil drilling state.

“Trump does not know our reality,” said Taruc. “He lives in a gold mansion. He’s not been with the people and so he needs a lot of education of what’s been happening on the ground and in the communities, what’s happening with climate change.”

Based in Berkeley, California, FACES says despite a Trump presidency and potential setbacks in the advancements of climate justice California will be resistant.

FACES says they are proud of the local efforts made in the Bay Area like how low income families in Oakland are receiving free solar panels and others are getting vouchers to be used toward purchasing a hybrid car.

“I feel proud in being able to create programs already in the past 10 years and so it’s hard to undo a lot of that in the next four years and we’re certainly not going to let go of those,” said Taruc. “We are going to fight to keep those and advance more of these solutions.”

FACES also stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in opposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Some of the proceeds from this event will go toward providing food for the protesters for Standing Rock.

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  • Mario
    22 November 2016 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    Originally it was Global warming,then replaced to Climate change. During Trump campaign said he will stop giving Billion Dollars environmental money to UN.Instead he will used this money for CLEAN WATER environmental projects and infrastructural projects.Furthermore,said,Oil drilling will be open to all States, for more jobs and USA will never be dependent on ME oil anymore. Massive oil drilling will bring down oil/gas prices especially your electric bills. Solar panel business will be threatened, because the cost of electricity is lower than, the cost of production for Solar panel.Some Trump Hotels are fitted with Solar panels, and he said the Return on Investment is 20yrs. Teaching Fil-Am kids to grow veggies in their backyard and having a community garden is a wonderful and successful project, but copied from Marcos Green Revolution project.Today,Trump being unpredictable, forgive Hillary Clinton, she will not go to jail anymore….For me, Climate change is NOT cause by man, it is a CYCLE.

  • Santiago del Mundo
    25 November 2016 at 9:28 am - Reply

    Thanks Mario for stating the facts! Too many liberal ridden media outlets or mindset keep spreading the lies about climate change (aka global warming). People are not getting it…database on global warming was corrupted by Alan Gore’so team and they pocketed million$$$$…Even Duterte is inclined to believe such a lie, I can’t believe it…Be it global warming or climate change,it was a LOST CASE…