Filipino elected officials weigh in on ‘Filipinx for Black Lives’ movement

NEW YORK — They are just a few of the growing number of young Filipinos who are actively taking part in changing America’s history.

From the Golden Gate Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge, the Filipinx for Black Lives Matter movement is marching along for racial equality.

“I want to continue to encourage peaceful protests across the country cause this is really the hallmark of our first amendment freedoms,” said Brunswick, Oho Mayor Ron Falconi.

Filipino American elected officials are among those who know first hand the value of being seen and heard.

“I applaud the millennials, in particular the Filipinx, who have gone out to the streets, to show their solidarity. Our history is replete with Filipino Americans working side by side with African Americans in the struggle. And we know as Filipino Americans, that many of us would not be here in this country if not for civil rights leaders who made it possible for our immigration laws to be more open and allow for Filipinos to come from across the ocean,” said Rolando Lavarro, Jersey City, NJ Councilman.

Marvin Lim recently became the presumptive Georgia state representative for District 99. As a civil rights lawyer, he told ABS-CBN News that he knows of many more incidents of racial injustice most Americans haven’t heard about.

“It’s particularly important for groups like Filipino Americans to demonstrate solidarity because we, too, are often devalued as humans in this country.”

Filipinos who have joined nationwide protests – from small New Jersey towns to historic streets of San Francisco – said they are moved not by any particular group, but by one specific cause they have shared with other people of color.

“No justice, no peace!”

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