Filipino El Paso residents, Trump supporters on White House border wall deal

EL PASO, TX — It’s a diverse, safe community where more than 2,000 Filipinos live and work, and a few hundred more in Fort Bliss.

The Lasala family owns JL Grill Shack, parked just a few miles from the contentious US-Mexico border.

The Lasala family has lived in El Paso since 1993.

They are among those who support President Trump’s plan to expand the wall along the border — a campaign promise that Trump intends to fulfill.

On Monday night, he once again rallied for the support.

“We do feel safe here. I think part of it is because of the securities, the added security that the government is planning to do.  There’s a lot of threat. In fact, all the drugs go through El Paso. We’ve heard many stories. But at the same time we are thankful that the government is doing something to help secure this area,” said nurse Jasmin Lasala. 

According to El Paso City Crime data and the Federal Bureau of Investigations reports, El Paso, like many American cities, has seen a declining number of violent crimes in past 25 years.

Debbie Alarilla is with the Filipino American Association of El Paso. She has lived in El Paso for over 50 years. She, like many El Paso officials and residents, believe a wall is not the solution.

“It’s a silly notion that it will stop the flow of immigrants and drugs. It is a waste of money, resources that could be put to better use. The inhumane treatment of people should not be our norm. Of course, I do not believe we should have open borders, either, but as servants of God we should help the poor and lift the weak.”

Lack of funding for the border wall construction was what led to the longest partial government shutdown in U.S. history.

And on that latest negotiated funding deal announced just before Trump took the stage in El Paso on Monday night, border wall funding remains the sticking point. The committee agreed to a far less 5.7 billion dollars funding Trump has demanded.

But some observers say the president, although unhappy with the deal, might still sign it to avoid another shutdown. But he could also try to use executive powers to move money around and provide more funding for a wall that many El Paso residents consider as useless.

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  • Mario
    13 February 2019 at 3:59 am - Reply

    Last year, on Republican rally they called Trump to “Built the border Wall” Yesterday during the El Paso rally they now called Trump to “Finished the Wall”.Building and repair of the wall/fence/barrier started since November. Barb Wires were installed on low fence border. High Border wall were constructed on different areas as recommended by the border Guard as priority high risk area. Some Democrat believed on border security but they want Trump to fail. Border Wall will have TRUMP re-elected, they Democrat will try to delay it that is why they are only giving small amount. But Trump had already started the wall and hoping to finished it before the election on 2020. Trump as a construction man negotiated with the Builders/Contructor that they will get paid after the completion of the project.3rd Party candidate Mr Starbuck, SHULTZ will guarantee Trump victory on 2020 election.Democrat agenda on GREEN NEW DEAL will give Trump a landslide victory.