Filipino educators join massive teacher’s strike in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — A strike 20 months in the making.

Thousands of teachers, students, and allies marched out of the classroom demanding higher wages, smaller classroom sizes, and support staff in the nation’s second-largest school district.

Many of them converged into downtown LA marching from Grand Park to the LA Unified School District Office.

Los Angeles teachers, including many Filipinos, are on strike, without pay indefinitely.

“We’re striking to save public education. We are out for as long as it takes to have a fair contract for these school our students deserve,” said teacher Mark Ramos.

“I joined the line because I believe our kids our students deserve better,” said Jomel Villamil.

This is the first teacher strike in 30 years. Filipino educators say this isn’t only a Los Angeles issue.

“It’s going to be an example in other states,” said one school dean, “because I see that teachers in other states are also looking at us and they know and they are seeing that we are in this together.”

The school district which has kept schools open, says they are ready to return to the bargaining table.

As the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garrett has tried to serve as a mediator between the union and district, newly sworn-in governor Gavin Newsom is also calling on UTLA to resume talks.

As teachers continue their strike indefinitely, the district has hired 400 substitutes, despite schools staying open, local media reports say that students have found themselves just staying in auditoriums or gyms, and watching movies.


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  • Mario
    17 January 2019 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    Teachers strike first time in 30 years, their issues are , pay increase,smaller classroom, and shortage of staff support.Teacher demand higher wages,because of mandatory pay of Union dues, teachers has the right to withdrew from the Union. Smaller Classroom, due to increase of children from illegal alien, classrooms become over crowded. CA is a sanctuary city, illegal alien children are welcome with Free foods and free education. Support Staff, due to shortage of school budget, the teacher will do all the extra work. Teachers can not rely on illegal alien help, because most of illegal Alien, especially from those who crossed the border has an average of Grade 3 education.CA taxpayers will support first the welfare of the illegal alien with free food, housing, medical and education, while Teachers are left out but smart enough to find a second job.