Filipino DJ prints 3D face shields for frontliners

NEW YORK — For 10 years now, Filipino DJ Jeric Linga, has been spinning dance music in the hottest clubs around the U.S.

From NYC’s premiere clubs to music festivals with 18,000 people, “DJ Mix NYC” kept the music pumpin’.

But when the nightclub scene turned silent — with venues shut down during the coronavirus pandemic – 3D printing tables became this Fil-Am DJ’s new turntables.

With the help of his family, Linga has printed more than 3,000 face shields given free to health care workers who are saving lives at the frontlines.

These are much-needed PPE’s, especially in New York City, the epicenter of the battle against COVID- 19 in the U.S.

He started out with two 3D printers and now he has 8 3D printers making 8 shields per hour and half.

And it’s safe, easy to sanitize and lighter.

“You could see the quality, it’s so much better, the one they give out sa hospital – the foam ones, the thing is, the foam ones for me, it’s bad, they’re reusing that till it breaks… it’s foam. Number one you cannot sanitize that.”

For Linga, providing protection for frontline workers has become his mission.

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