Filipino designer’s futuristic fashions hit NY Fashion Week

In celebration of his 50th birthday in June this year, Filipino fashion designer Rocky Gathercole created a couture collection in gold at the Angel Orensanz space runway show during the Art Hearts Fashion week in New York.

Art Hearts Fashion is known for selecting artistically inspired designers such as Gathercole to showcase their collections in the most visually stunning locations in the Big Apple.

The venue, Angel Orensanz events space, was a favorite of the late designer Alexander McQueen.

“It’s overwhelming,” said Gathercole. “It feels different coming from a country with no fashion.”

Gathercole says his designs are wearable works of art.

“This is totally me–very avant-garde,” he said. “My artistic side, this is more wearable art because I want people to see that in fashion, it’s boundless. You can do anything you want as long as you can justify it.”

His provocative and unapologetic collection included stunning headpieces and other gold attachments that are playful yet glamorous.

“I love doing what I’m doing, I am very happy working,” he said. “I’m inspired, because other designers don’t do this, just me. That’s what’s fun with my creations, that I am the only one creating so I am not afraid that I might have a similar design in Fashion Week. That would be embarrassing if that happens, they might say I’m a copycat.”

It was no surprise to see A-list celebrities wearing Gathercole’s wearable works of art in their shows and on the red carpet, such as Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears among many others.

Gathercole said Spears is easy to work with for her flexibility in performing while wearing his designs, and Ariana Grande is set to be his next celebrity client, signing a one-year contract with him.

At a glance, Rocky Gathercole’s bold designs seem straight out of the future–the signature of a fashion designer who is ahead of his time.

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