Filipino Democrats tune in to Democratic presidential debates to determine endorsement of candidates

LOS ANGELES — Over plates of lumpia and pancit, members of the Pilipino American Los Angeles Democrats, or PALAD, held a watch party to see 10 presidential hopefuls battle it out for the second Democratic presidential debate.

Some two dozen candidates are still in the race, giving this group of Filipinos a tough choice.

“It’s all good, I actually am very excited all of them are all great, it’s very difficult to choose,” said founder Jocelyn Gaega. “I believe sincerely they’re all excellent candidates and I’m very proud to be a Democrat.”

“It’s hard to form an opinion because there’s so much of them sharing the stage it’s such a limited time,” said Christine Gonong, from the National Fil-Am Lawyers Association.

After the two-night debates, these Filipino Democrats said the most important thing is to stay engaged throughout the process.

“For the Filipinos we also have to face the issues and make sure that our voices are heard,” said Grace Barrios.

As some candidates like Andrew Yang and Kamala Harris received some applause from the viewers — a few already had their early choices.

While PALAD hosted the event they also brought in other democratic organizations, as well as city officials, building unity among different groups.

“We know that the Filipino American and Asian Americans all over Los Angeles seek the same thing that we seek and that is equal access to be included in the government services that our government pays for,” said Mike Davis.

PALAD will hold an endorsement party in November where the group will decide which candidate they’ll support as an organization.

The next set of Democratic debates are scheduled for September 12th and 13th, in Houston, Texas. By then the field of candidate may narrow, making it easier to chose.

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