Filipino Democrat lawmakers push for fair wages on Capital Hill

WASHINGTON DC — Lawmakers and President Donald Trump are still wrangling over how to get past this month-long stalemate that has caused loss of wages for more than 800,000 workers.

Two Fil-Am legislators — Sen. Bobby Scott and Rep. TJ Cox — are making big moves on Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined congressman Bobby Scott of Virginia to introduce the Raise the Wage act of 2019.

The bill with 181 house sponsors aims to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 in 2024. It also ensures that all workers are paid the full minimum wage by phasing out the subminimum wage.

Senator Bernie Sanders is the lead sponsor in the Senate.

Congressman Scott said the initiative benefits not only wage workers but the whole country’s economy.

“When we put money in the pockets of American workers, they will spend that money in their communities. This bill is a stimulus for main street America.”

Newly-elected congressman TJ Cox of California; meanwhile, spent Thursday morning introducing his first bill that aims to help federal workers affected by future government shutdowns.

The immediate financial relief for federal employees act would direct the Department of the Treasury to issue zero percent apr loans to employees of up to $6,000 at their request, if future government shutdowns exceed 15 consecutive days.

“No business in America should do this, because quite frankly it is illegal and immoral. Why the government is being allowed to do this? That’s an issue working its way through the court, but we all know it’s wrong.”

The partial government shutdown is now on its 27th day.

Cox said the bill which has 70 original cosponsors, would hopefully ease any worries on how bills would get paid should any federal workers find themselves in a government shutdown situation in the future.

Both bills must first return to the House for further debate and approval before the House and Senate could vote on them.

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