Filipino community rallies support for CA Prop 10, preventing rent control

SAN FRANCISCO — Members of the Filipino community, along with their allies, rally in front of the Mint Mall in downtown San Francisco.

The building has historically been home to many Filipinos who recently immigrated to the U.S.

These organizers say they are for the passage of a state proposition, that they say will protect these long-time residents from being forced out of their homes.

“I grew up in a building that was built in 1911 that has rent control, and I have 6 generations of my family that currently live here and plan on staying in that building for as long as we can. I really believe every city should determine whether they have it or not.”

If passed, California Proposition 10 will repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which prevents rent control on any apartment built after 1995, or in some cities, much earlier.

The argument against Prop 10 was that rent control was making the housing shortage worse, by slowing housing construction and it infringes on property rights and the free market.

“Those are lies because I cannot believe that developers will stop building. Housing is always a need, but what they don’t want to be is accountable to local governments who may want to put the brakes on the profit margins they make so people can continue to live in their communities.”

Vice Mayor of Daly City, Ray Buenaventura, who opposes Prop 10, says that there are other people who will be hurt by the repeal of Costa Hawkins.

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  • Arbi
    20 October 2018 at 12:53 am - Reply

    Wrong! Vote “yes” on 10 – empowers local communities to limit skyrocketing rents …. “Yes” on 10 …. Vote!