Filipino community of Vallejo, CA promises “a safe haven” for immigrants

VALLEJO, CA — Kababayans are looking to their Fil-Am elected officials, in one of the most Filipino populated cities in the US to protect its immigrant residents.

On Tuesday night, the Vallejo city council unanimously approved a resolution naming Vallejo a safe place for immigrants.

Prior to the council meeting, a rally was held at the steps of City Hall that featured the diversity of Vallejo residents, who stood in solidarity among the various immigrant advocate groups.

“We are here as a diverse community of people coming from different faith backgrounds, and coming from different ethnicities, and we are one knowing for sure that we are a people and there’s no such thing as ‘illegal’ people,” said  Rev. Dr. Felicisimo Cao from United Methodist.

Vallejo’s move comes as the Trump administration’s filed papers earlier this week, asking a judge to reconsider his ruling blocking his executive order to cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities, or cities that do not comply with federal immigration laws.

Kababayans said they were proud of Fil-Am councilmembers Jesus Malgapo, Hermie Sunga, Rozzana Verder-Aliga, and Mayor Bob Sampayan for voting to protect their own community.

Vallejo’s three-page resolution directed the city council to follow a number of guidelines which include:

  • Vallejo will not create or maintain a database regarding anyone’s immigration status.
  • Calls for immigration and customs enforcement, or ICE agents, to clearly identify themselves through their clothing and statements as immigration officials and not vallejo police.
  • Vallejo police does not cooperate with federal immigration authorities, except as required by judicial warrant, or based on the conclusion of the chief of police.

“A safe haven for the immigrant community in Vallejo will mean that they will be heard,” said Angeline Ubaldo. “And we know that they are here, and we are here to protect them.”


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  • Mario
    25 May 2017 at 4:16 am - Reply

    You call the illegal alien as “Immigrant”. Immigrant are green card holders.It is nice to help, why not just buy them airfare ticket, so that they could go back home. What are your end game, are you going to feed, house, buy medicine to the illegal alien for the rest of their life.You are going to protect/hide the illegal alien from ICE.Are you going to give them jobs.I already told my illegal alien friends to move and hide at Vallejo,it is called as safe heaven for illegal alien, including Moslems. What are going to do if Trump administration will cut down the Sanctuary funding, of course the City Council will collect more taxes from the local residence…. My advice, think of your self first,your family and children, before others, you don’t even know this people, they might rape your daughter.

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    25 May 2017 at 11:15 am - Reply

    Those thick skinned faces in Vallejo are advocating as sanctuary state, this is the reason why California taxes went up…Uncle Jerry raised taxes and gave it to those illegals…