Filipino community come together to help victims of Hurricane Dorian

by Paul Garilao, ABS-CBN News

 A week after Hurricane Dorian unleashed its fury along the northern side of Bahamas, residents are starting to rebuild from its wrath, recovering properties that they can still use.

Bahamian officials said the death toll has reached 43.

More than 70,000 were displaced.

After wreaking havoc in Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian hit several eastern states in U.S.

In North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island – which suffered the brunt of Dorian in U.S. – about 800 residents were trapped in their homes due to floods. Some have been forced to climb up to their attics just to save themselves.

Tornadoes also damaged thousands of houses in the Carolinas.

In the aftermath of Dorian, Filipinos have come together to help those in need.

Florita Viterbo, president of the Filipino Association of Bahamas, said that his organization has been mobilizing relief efforts for the victims of the category 5 hurricane.

Officers and members of the organization have spent time packing relief goods to send to fellow Filipinos in affected areas.

“We are trying to send them clothes. Kasi yung mga gamit nila nawala. We are trying to send them food and water…Mga personal hygiene stuff.”

Viterbo said there are approximately 340 Filipino residents who are living in Abaco and Freeport — islands that have been hit by Dorian.

She said most of them are teachers and caregivers who were evacuated by the Bahamian government.

“Sa Freeport, meron din silang mga bahay na na-wash out totally and a lot of them are safe. But they don’t have electricity. They don’t have running water.”

Meanwhile, the Fil-Am organizations in Caribbean islands such as Saint Marteen and Trinidad and Tobago also reached out to vVterbo and are in the process of delivering relief packages to affected residents.

The Philippine embassy in Washington D.C. also said has also been coordinating with Filipinos in the Bahamas in the aftermath of the hurricane.

The United Bations said the pressing concerns in the Bahamas — besides treating the injured and sick — are to provide the residents with clean water and food supplies.

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