Filipino church burned by suspicious fire

LOS ANGELES – A suspicious fire burnt parts of a Filipino church in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood early Monday morning, leaving the front porch in ashes, walls boarded, and holes in the roof.

The fire spread from the front steps to parts of the roof.

“You’re kind of saddened that your church is burning but at the same time you know that God is control so you just go and take faith. And by the time we got here we found out it’s not too bad, still bad but at least it didn’t take the inside,” said Pastor Linda Cruz.

The leaders and most of the congregation at the Forerunners for Christ church are Filipino.

Investigators have labeled this fire as suspicious and the House of Worship Task Force, which includes the FBI, police, and fire investigators, is looking into the incident. They say it is an open investigation with no time frame on how long until they get their leads.

“We’ve been happy in this area. We have no incidents. People are nice in this area. So I’m really kind of surprised if someone set the church on fire,” said Cruz.

She adds, “The Bible also says where sin abounds, grace super abounds even more. We look at this as an opportunity to shine, to forgive people, to continue the work that has been given to us by God.”

There were no injuries, and the church will be able to continue its activities, including a Thursday bible study and Sunday service as usual.

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