Filipino chocolate-maker’s confections named best dessert in Long Beach

LONG BEACH, CA — Take a stroll down Long Beach’s historic Pine Avenue and you’ll come along Decadence St — for the past 18 months, a Filipino American has represented his block well.

Romeo Garcia’s chocolate confections were named Best Dessert by Home and Living Long Beach. Many of his special truffles have racked up their own awards in various competitions, including the International Chocolate Salon.

“We were thrilled to hear we got best of desserts Long Beach, and so with all different desserts, confection and truffles we make, we’re thrilled that we were honored. Our shop is still a baby, it’s only 18 months old, but we’ve been working real hard to make sure we hon in on our flavors, and our creations.”

Garcia says each piece shares a story, and offers an adventure inspired by different cultures, including the Philippines. And many of these morsels have surprises inside.

Garcia has spent 15 years in higher education eventually pursuing the art of chocolate overseas.

While everything from the bars to the drinks are handcrafted in his store, the secret ingredient may be his love for the community.

“There’s a lot of support for small businesses and artisans so we’re very thankful that the community has come in full force to support chefs and artisans trying to share their craft.”

The shop which was built on crowdfunding serves as a space for fellow artists, and the flow of customers is almost nonstop — everyone watching in delight.

In creating an opportunity for folks to congregate in a space where they feel a sense of community so we have artists there different collaborations with other small businesses.

While his ties to community and Pinoy culture has never melted, he recently spread more holiday love spearheading the city’s first park festival just outside of his store.

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