Filipino Chicago hero police officer hopes to fight city’s crime rate

CHICAGO, IL — 24-year-old David Paul de Leon, a new Chicago police officer who has been praised by the community for his life-saving work, recently getting attention for saving the life of a gunshot victim.

Chicago’s South Side, an area known for crimes, gangs, and drugs, is De Leon’s assigned area. Despite its reputation, David says he is not afraid and only wants to accomplish two things: help put a stop to the growing crime rate in Chicago, and correct the misconception about cops.

David’s mother, Jojit de Leon, says, she will never get used to her son’s job, and constantly prays for his safety.

David, being a cop for only one and a half years, has received multiple honorable mention awards, which he says are all for his mother. His mother was once assaulted in Chicago, when David and his two siblings were younger.

“She’s a single mother and she has been through a lot and we are just trying to make her proud as much as we can and I think we are doing a good job about it.”

On reaching one’s goals, David encourages perseverance, and not to be intimidated by hurdles.

“Follow through. There are going to be challenges. Try to overcome the challenges and do what you gotta do. Keep following your dreams.”

Reports say that although Chicago has 325 murders so far this year, 20 percent fewer than last year, Chicago’s homicide rate still remains high.

This summer, the Chicago police department has deployed over a thousand extra officers in support of the summer mobile initiative.

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