Filipino Catholics react to church sex abuse cover-ups, some withholding tithes

READING, PA — “I was filled with shame and guilt, and that religion fed right into that, and he just jumped on that and took advantage of it, and that just, you know, it just multiplied inside me over the years. The shame and the guilt and the low self-esteem, that doesn’t leave you.”

That’s 46-year-old Mary McHale. McHale is among those who testified before a grand jury – against a priest who allegedly abused her when she was in a Catholic high school.

“When it came out that if anybody was interested in going out to Pittsburgh to testify in front of the grand jury, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m going’. You know, this needs to stop. The more I started to learn, I was just like, this is crazy. This is so crazy, right?”

The two-year Pennsylvania investigation painted a horrific picture of the widespread allegations of sexual abuse and cover-ups in Catholic churches in Pennsylvania.

The report revealed that in a span of 70 years, at least 300 clergymen allegedly sexually abused about 1,000 people — mostly children.

“You don’t have hope in that religion. You have no hope. You have no options. If you’re gay you go to hell, if you live a lie you go to hell, and if you commit suicide you go to hell.”

Meanwhile, Filipino Catholics in Jersey City are indignant about these revelations, and are calling for priests proven guilty of sexual abuse to be cut from the church immediately.

Shaken by the latest revelations of predator priests sexually abusing minors, angry churchgoers have taken a stand against this by withholding or reducing their donations.

But despite the controversy, other Filipinos remain faithful to the church.

Calling for a financial boycott against the Catholic church is not new. Whether or not they continue donating to the church, many kababayans are still tested of just how faithful they’ll remain to a church shaken up by decades-old secrets just starting to unravel.


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  • Arbi
    23 August 2018 at 5:53 pm - Reply

    Enablers! … EVIL comes in EVERY color …