Filipino candidates lose in Southern California midterm elections

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Nov. 5, 2014

ANAHEIM – At polling places throughout Southern California, it was silence for most of election day as voters trickled in to cast ballots for local leaders, state officials, and federal representation as well as propositions dealing with the drought, budget, health care costs and Indian casinos.

The field poll projected some 46 percent of California will cast their ballots.

“Importante sa atin yun para yung mga iboboto natin nakakatulong para sa atin at kailangan natin sila,” Connie Lopez of Cerritos said.

“Since I become a citizen, I think it’s 24 years, I need to vote,” Kit Mata of Los Angeles said.

Analysts as well as poll workers believe a non-competitive race for governor in which incumbent Gerry Brown won by nearly 20 points and the lack of a controversial ballot initiatives such as same-sex marriage kept voters away.

“I think it is very important to get engaged and get involved and then understand especially how local politics affect us so much more than national politics. You see people get excited about voting for president but they don’t think about local politics. But they need to think about local politics because that is the hands-on thing that affects everything that we do,” Lorri Galloway, mayor pro temp of Anaheim, said.

For Filipino-American candidates like Galloway, it was a night celebration and anticipation as results came in despite the low turnout.

Galloway ran for mayor and though she fell behind early on, spirits remained high at her campaign headquarters.

“I am very excited that it is over I’m so proud of the campaign and all the people involved a lot of youth came out and they were passionate and dedicated and engaged,” Galloway said.

Another Filipino American candidate Armin Reyes lost his bid for Cerritos college trustee.

Even though there weren’t too many ballots cast this midterm, Californians who voted made their voices heard, and those choices no matter how many, will help shape local communities in the coming years.

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