Filipino candidates hear community concerns, address delay in Philippine overseas voting

LOS ANGELES — With 52,000 registered overseas voters under the Los Angeles consulate district, some candidates have made their rounds to hear the concerns of overseas Filipinos.

“It’s very important for them to know you better, because other people they thought I am that bad because of you know, they see on TV a very strict person, always angry, very strict but they don’t know the soft side of my personality. They don’t know I’m a comedian, I’m a happy guy.”

While some were physically present, others, including overseas voters, held online town hall meetings.

As voters snapped selfies, and attended events, the potential voters were eager to pick whom they felt could make a difference.

But while visits from candidates, built a bit of excitement, when it was time to actually cast the ballots, some frustration has been building up.

In the past few weeks, community leaders have complained of delayed and undelivered ballots, leading to rallies outside of several Philippine consulate on Monday, including Los Angeles

Last week, the Los Angeles Philippine consulate assured voters that their packets had been to delivered to all voters as of May 1st.

However, they say the US Postal service had sent back some 2500 ballots.

The consulate is encouraging voters to double check to see if their name is on the list.

Their facebook page links to a list of registered voters, as well as a list of ballots that had been returned to them by the postal services.

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