Filipino Canadians honor frontliners for devotion to their jobs amid pandemic

VANCOUVER — Filipino Canadians gathered outside Mount Saint Joseph hospital and Little Mountain senior residence in East Vancouver to pay tribute to frontliners.

Holding placards of thanks, they danced and saluted the health care workers for their devotion to their jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canadian member of parliament don davies and BCLMA Mable Elmore joined in the drop-by tribute.

“Across the country gather to show appreciation for healthcare workers. In fact, all frontline workers of all types, who are working to keep the community safe and healthy,” said Don Davies.

“I wanted to come here and express my thanks for their sacrifice and also recognize the input and work that they do,” said Elmore.

These Canadian lawmakers said they recognize the contributions of Filipino healthcare workers in the battle against COVID-19.

“We owe a particular debt to Filipinos everywhere sacrificing and actually risking their health and lives to keep us healthy. So a big salamat to them. We know that there’s a big number of Filipinos on the frontline either as nurses, care aides in the healthcare sector.”

Elmore said British Columbians have been successful in flattening the curve and are now in the process of restarting the province.

Nida Disu, a hospital porter aide, said she appreciates the nightly 7pm tribute to them but feels for people affected by the virus.

“I’m sad about what’s been happening now because those who are sick are the vulnerable people, the older ones. I’m not scared that I’m here.”

The group plans to continue their salute to frontline heroes in different parts of Metro Vancouver in the coming days.

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