Filipino Canadians give mixed reactions to anti-immigration billboards in Toronto

TORONTO —  Filipino Canadians gave their mixed reactions to the recent controversy surrounding anti-immigration billboards in the greater Toronto area.

One of these billboards featured the image of People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, and the message “Say No to Mass Immigration.”

The billboard has since been removed following public backlash.

“Bilang immigrant, para sa akin masakit yun kasi nagpunta ko rito dahil alam kong magkakaron ako ng maandag buhay, marami akong matutulungan.  Ngayon kung yung mga taong puputulin nila ang pagkakaron ng naraming immigrant dito, di parang pinutulan na rin sila ng buhay.”

“At last somebody had the guts to express openly the sentiment of most Canadians that are against undocumented people who claim to be refugees.”

Contrary to the immigration stance of the People’s Party of Canada, the Liberal government plans to continue to increase the number of immigrants if allowed another term.

“We’ve increased the number of spaces to allow more Canadians to sponsor refugees.  We’ve reunited more families than ever before.  We have also listened to the business community and employers to allow them to bring more workers to Canada. We’ve increased the provincial nominee program.  We’ve dealt with the backlogs in programs like the caregiver program,” said Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration.

But the minister warned against fraudulent immigration consultants, and added that immigration officers are now able to seize fraudulent documents under Bill C-6.

As for the new caregiver pilot program requirements, the Minister clarified that dependent children will have to pay international student fees and said he does not believe that the financial requirement for caregivers would be an obstacle.

“I don’t think it’s really an issue.  What we were saying about the financial requirements is just a re-statement of what is already existing.  It will be obvious, they will meet the requirement by having a job as a caregiver.”

With the election less than 2 months away, the Minister asked Canadians for a second mandate to complete the work they’ve started.

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