Filipino Canadians create “Project CHOIR-antine” to lift spirits during global pandemic

In this time of home isolation, siblings Mikey and Patricia Jose had a unique call to friends online: sing a song with them for charity.

They called it “Project CHOIR-antine.”

“To create community and uplift those who maybe more vulnerable or unheard. In the effort of lifting voices, we also wanted to make sure we were lifting the voices of people who may have been forgotten,” said Tricia. “For every participant, there was a contribution to a charity that we supported given the crisis we are all in right now.”

In a week’s time, more than 200 individuals from over 25 cities around the world came together in a show of unity and harmony.

“This is the perfect song, ‘When You Believe’ is the perfect song of hope, solidarity and unity during this time so we decided to go for it.”

Through Project CHOIR-antine, around $2,000 got donated to Food Banks Canada — to help communities in need during challenging times.

$1,000 was also donated to the BC Women’s Foundation COVID 19 Relief Fund, in support of the hospital’s healthcare teams.

“Sometimes it feels like we can’t do much by ourselves, but never underestimate your individual effort. I think we have the opportunity to do really incredible things esp if we come together,” said Tricia.

“Those in the frontlines who are fighting the Coronavirus, in hospitals, grocery workers, janitors, so many people we take for granted so this is also tribute to them as well,” said Mikey. “To let them know we’re here to support…”

Proof that there are still great things you can do, while staying at home.

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