Filipino-Canadian voice actor cast in kids’ show “16 Hudson”

A Filipino-Canadian performer is cast in the newest kids’ animated series by TVO Kids, “16 Hudson.”

The voice behind “Bayani,” the Filipino bakery owner, is performer Dave Dimapilis.

He can’t hide his excitement after being cast in the children’s series celebrating cultural diversity.

The series follows 4 kids — Lili, Sam, Amala and Luc — as they explore their neighborhood at 16 Hudson, where everyone is welcome.

Aside from being Pinoy, Dimapilis’ character is also one of two dads raising Luc, a reflection of the show’s inclusiveness.

Being a father himself, Dimapilis looks forward to sharing the series with his kids.

’16 Hudson’ airs twice daily on TVO Kids in the East, and on Knowledge Kids Network in the West.

It is also available on YouTube under the TVO Kids channel.

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