Filipino-Canadian candidates on the ballot in Vancouver municipal elections

In Metro Vancouver, advance polls have begun as a run-up to the BC municipal elections on October 20.

Filipino-Canadian candidates for both local elections and school board trustees, including Cyrus Sy, Rod Belleza, Tommy Raguero, Erlinda Galanta, Jojo Quimpo, Behl Evangelista, andHector Bremner are calling on kababayans to vote, so that Filipinos, one of the largest ethnic communities in the region, can finally get a voice in local politics.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    13 October 2018 at 2:08 am - Reply

    According to Maximo “Maxi” Velasco, Beta Elite President in Vancouver, Canada candidates like Belleza, Sy, Raguero, Galanta, Quimpo, Evangelista and Bremmer are like your fair weather friends. They come out of their closet before the election. You do not know them or they do not now you, but they’re saying to vote for them so you have a voice? Victor “Japa” Velasco added that maybe after they win, they have their own agenda and eventually forget about their campaign promises. Japa quoted President Obama when he said nothing can be overnight…