Filipino-Canadian artist launches new kids’ coloring book exploring Philippine culture and history

by Christine Santos, ABS-CBN News

TORONTO — Family and friends showed support for Filipino Canadian artist and educator Eric Tigley at the launch of his second book, entitled Hoy! A Philippine Islands Activity.

With over 60 pages of puzzles, mazes, and coloring pages, kids can explore the rich history and culture of the Philippines.

Activities include practicing Baybayin scripts, reading about legends, and learning about Philippine heroes, including the author’s personal favorite.

“The Lapu Lapu page.  It’s the first page that I made and my Lola who lived with us before and she passed…she gave me a book from 1962 which was based on the Sinulog which we still practice as Cebuanos here in Toronto.  That book inspired me to do this whole book and that one page is my favorite because it started all of this.”

It took several years for Tigley to publish this book.

Having been born and raised in Toronto, he had to overcome some challenges.

“Definitely it was the language barrier but also the different versions of everything. There’s a really big thorough Philippine history out there…finding everything and consolidating it into 60 pages and drawing every page, inking it, packaging it together was a pretty big ordeal.”

Through his artwork and books, Tigley encourages the youth to be proud of who they are, and to learn more about their Philippine heritage.

“Don’t stop teaching them the native language…definitely keep that going. Be proud of that because knowing more than one language opens up more than one door.  Learn your history and be open to hearing about everyone else’s history. We have over 7,000 islands, how many languages are out there?  We should learn everybody’s, not be an expert on it, but we welcome to it.:

Eric invites kids to send their colored activity sheets for his next book on Filipino American history, coming out soon.

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