Filipino Canadian artist Francis Manapul on drawing for DC Comics, re-creating The Flash

The heat is on this summer for Pinoy DC Comics fans, as Justice League releases its Year of the Villain series, where Filipino-Canadian artist, Francis Manapul, has a hand in its creation.

“We’re about to enter a year of villains. That’s what we’re focusing on at Justice League. It’s essentially…kind of the villains…not taking over or winning, it’s more them figuring out the best way to defeat all of the heroes, but together. So it’s gonna be pretty exciting. It’s gonna be an entire year of that.”

Manapul, who is best known for relaunching The Flash, talks about his past works that led to this major breakthrough.

The award-winning Toronto artist started his career with small companies for free just to get published, until DC took notice of his work. His advice for aspiring comic book artists:

“It’s having that fire inside their belly that motivates them to keep learning and to keep drawing because there’s gonna be a lot of rejections, so you have to be able to stomach that and be able to understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Now a dad, Manapul rarely appears at conventions in order to spend more time with his family.

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