Filipino Canadian activists react to passage of Philippine Anti-Terror bill with indignation

VANCOUVER, BC — In an indignation action held in Vancouver after the recent signing of the Anti-Terrorism Act in the Philippines, activists distributed leaflets warning Filipinos about the dangers of the new law.

Martial law survivor Chris Sorio and other activists said the broader definition of ‘terrorism’ in the new law will give President Duterte’s administration to go after anyone who opposes the government.

Even overseas, Pinoys are not safe.

In a webinar hosted by Migrante International, Atty. Angelo Karlo Guillen of the National Union of Public Lawyers said a Filipino holding dual citizenship or is already a citizen of another country can still be arrested if he or she commits prohibited acts under the law, like participation in protests outside embassies or any diplomatic premises.

Guillen added that this provision also applies to any Filipino living abroad for a long time, like migrant workers, caregivers, and others who have criticized the government.

Filipino-Canadians, meanwhile, expressed their split views on the anti-terrorism law.

A global online rally will be held on Wednesday in protest of the law.

Rowena Papasin tells more.

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