Filipino brand craft gin wins at the San Francisco World Spirits competition

DALY CITY, CA — As Filipino cuisine grows in popularity in the U.S., those behind the very first Filipino craft gin say Pinoy alcohol will soon follow.

While Crow’s Brewing and Distillery opened in 2013 in the Philippines, Crows Craft USA has only started operating last year, 2018.

They are already starting to make a name for themselves in the U.S. by taking home the bronze medal at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits competition.

Master distiller Jose Mari Cuervo and his business partner Trisha Lacson are ready to introduce the world to Crow’s Gin.

Crow’s Gin prides itself in having unique Filipino ingredients for its signature taste.

“There’s a balance between the spices that are in there: cardamom, cinnamon… the list goes on, anis. It’s like 23 botanicals. So that was the hardest part in developing the recipe. So you are getting a play of citrus and spice.”

With all those flavors — Cuervo and Lacson say you can enjoy the gin best by drinking it neat.

Crow’s Gin is distilled in the Bay Area, and can be found at K&L wine and spirits in Redwood City.

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