Filipino-Australian Youtube sensation cuts record in LA

By Yvee Tadeo-Guevarra

Oct. 29, 2013

LOS ANGELES – Nineteen-year old Australian-based Cezka Mariz Lapurga is another Filipina to watch out for in the international music scene.

Months after being discovered on Youtube by award-winning American record producer Andrew Lane.

Cezka Mariz, who looks up to Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Regine Velasquez and Sara Geronimo, just recently recorded two original compositions in Los Angeles.

“I started it in 2008 when Youtube became really big,” Cezka said. “People started posting videos of themselves singing in the bathroom and I just want to have a part in that. It was not a big deal. I didn’t think that Youtube was going to get me anywhere because it was just for fun.”

In 2011, Cezka was the only Asian in a group of 15 singer-songwriter teens selected by the Australian institute of performing arts to fly to the U.S. and record an eight-track album.

“My biggest dream—to have albums and CDs and sing and give back,” she said. “I find it so inspirational seeing others singers who give back to people who are less fortunate. And I see myself as someone that will use my talent to share and to give back.”

Lane who has written compositions for the Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara has also worked on the platinum albums of “Hanah Montana”, “High School Musical”, and “Disneymania”.

Lane has also produced records for Filipino talents such as Jessica Sanchez and Jasmine Villegas.

“These girls are like tiny, tiny but their voices are filling up the room like big, muy higante, just huge,” Lane said. “But there’s something in them that I really love. It’s their passion and their parents are very cool to work with.”

As Cezka heads back to Australia her songs entitled “Just You and Me” and “Sacrifice” will be available on iTunes next month.

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