Filipino artists in Vancouver’s “Essence” art exhibit take on the women’s movement

by Marieton Pacheco, ABS-CBN News

VANCOUVER — With Global awareness on the #MeToo movement, here’s another take on women empowerment.

Artwork celebrating the roles, struggles and triumphs of women in an exhibit called “Essence” is currently showing at the cityscape community art space in North Vancouver.

5 Filipino artists from Canada and Switzerland are on spotlight, adding their take on the many issues confronting women today.

Artist Esmie Mclaren hopes “Essence” keeps the conversation going on these issues.

“Maybe people have forgotten that it’s still an issue. Unfair treatment in the work place and violence against women. The work isn’t done and we are raising awareness about it. What can we do?”

Pamela Gotangco came all the way from Switzerland.

One of her paintings was an inspiration from the story of Malala–a Pakistani girl who fought for her right to education.

Gotangco says there is strength in women supporting other women.


“Very relevant. When something happens and you don’t speak up, it won’t be solved. Its an issue that we have to keep talking, we should not keep quiet, we should always discuss it and we should always support women who are going through difficult times.”

Men too are part of the solution. And for artist Chito Maravilla, it’s all about recognizing the beauty, confidence and grace women are born with.

“They have this certain power, certain beauty. It’s something that innate to them.”


Philippine Ambassador to Canada, Hon. Petronila Garcia, is proud of the exhibit, which will be traveling to the Philippine embassy in Ottawa this September.


“This exhibit will show how the Fil culture will be able to contribute in this conversation, how it interacts with this issue.”

The “Essence” exhibit runs at the Cityscape art space until May 26.


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