Filipino and Vietnamese community protest Chinese consulate on 2nd anniversary of UN ruling

LOS ANGELES — They yelled profanities at the Chinese consulate two years after a landmark, but non-enforced ruling on the West Philippine Sea.

“It hurts to see that sovereign nation democratic nation of the Philippines is being abused by another county — China, in particular, by their aggression and grabbing of our Spratly islands,” said Fr. Ben Sagra.

Filipino and Vietnamese protestors rallied outside of the Chinese consulate to mark the 2-year anniversary of when the United Nations ruled that China had no claim in the disputed West Philippine Sea.

Spokesperson Harry Roque has said they continue to assert their claims, as they move on with the country’s bilateral relations with China.

But Filipinos in the US believe the administration is not doing enough to asserts its ownership of the disputed territory.

This protest comes as several red banners have been spotted in the Philippines, calling it a province of China.

While they hit the streets, the activists are also hoping US lawmakers can intervene. Senate Bill 1055, the Philippines Human Rights Accountability and Counternarcotics Act, carries provisions against china’s military presence in the West Philippine sea.

They also believe that recent trade tariffs the US has placed on China also work in the Philippines’ favor.

The bill has 8 cosponsors and has been sent to the Senate foreign affairs committee. Filipinos are hoping to meet with lawmakers to help push the bill.


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