Filipino American Democrat Caucus shows activism at CA Democratic Convention

California Fil-Am Democrats young and old gathered in San Francisco to take part in their party’s convention last weekend, committed to work together to make sure their goals are achieved come 2020.

The Filipino American Democratic Caucus is one of the 19 caucuses represented at the California Democratic Convention.

With the 2020 election quickly approaching — leaders of the caucus acknowledged that older Filipinos historically lean Republican. But they hope that the actions from the last three years of the Trump administration would change their minds.

“I don’t think it’s making people go blue. It’s really seeing where our community stands on the different issues. We’re concerned about immigration. We’re concerned about access to education. We’re concerned about health care. We’re concerned about our World War II veterans,” says member Arnel Dino.

The caucus also said it is still too early to throw in their full support behind any particular candidate — however, they hope to have the attention of the candidates in the coming campaigns.

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