Filipino actor-turned-entrepreneur Marvin Agustin takes up filmmaking

by Cecile Docto, ABS-CBN News


VANCOUVER – Filipino actor and restaurant entrepreneur, Marvin Agustin has added another notch on his belt – this time as a filmmaker.

Agustin’s dream of becoming a director is one step closer to coming true.

Agustin recently finished a short course on digital filmmaking at the New York University School of Professional Studies.

“I’ve been always curious about being behind the camera,” said Agustin. “My friend said, bahala ka baka pag medyo mabagal-bagal ka na kumilos, matanda ka na – and then that’s when you realize you really wanna do it, and you’re running out of time.”

Agustin hopes to learn more about the craft through mentorship and collaboration with Filipino directors.

The 37-year-old actor hopes to create documentaries and positive stories that would uplift the Pinoy spirit.

The actor, entrepreneur and restaurateur has reinvented himself through the years, and knows being in the limelight won’t last forever.

“I’m just blessed, really, that I get to experience a lot of things,” said Agustin. “I have never limited myself into what I can do and what I cannot… it’s in my consciousness, ayon yung sinsasabi nila na, when you want something, the universe will conspire.”

Agustin has never taken anything for granted, always reminding his siblings of where they came from.

“We would always be reminded of…when we were struggling and surviving, and now we are comfortable,” he shared. “I would remind them that I’ve experienced having nothing, and now I’m experiencing that there are a lot of blessings in my life.”

What’s making him very excited right now is the soon-to-open Bao Down restaurant in San Francisco, as his first undertaking in the international food scene.

His advice to millennials and fellow celebrities who want to venture outside the box is to keep dreaming.

“It’s a great first step. But it doesn’t end there. Make it happen, and be ready to work hard,” he says. “Be curious. Explore. Enjoy life.”


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