Filipino activists protest overseas ballot delays, calling “denial in voting rights”

SAN FRANCISCO — The groups Filipino American human rights alliance and US Pinoys for Good Governance banded together outside of the consulate in San Francisco clamoring for their ballots. 

They say a delay in their ballots is a denial of their voting rights.

The groups are concerned that many voters still have yet to receive their ballots in time for the May 13 deadline. 

They are formally requesting to relay the message to the COMELEC and the Philippine government that they want an extension of elections for the overseas absentee voting by nine days after May 13 since ballots were delayed by the same number of days. 

They also want the COMELEC to once again reconsider Namfrel as official poll watchdog, with full power to check, audit and run a parallel counting of the elections and have complete access to the database from the server and all information emanating from the precincts. 

Consul Gen Henry Bensurto he wants to again reassure Filipino voters that every single ballot has already been mailed out as of April 30, and based on the timeline of the USPS service it should be arriving at their homes today May 5.

 He also reminds those yet to receive the balance to double check if there are any errors in the registry specifically with their mailing addresses.  

And as well to simply make sure that they are indeed registered voters. 

He adds the Consulate is always open for any questions and queries with regards to their election concerns. 

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    8 May 2019 at 2:22 am - Reply

    According to Marilyn Perry (Monterey California Fil-Am Association), NAMFREL would have discovered how the Liberal Yellowist Cult manipulated the Smart-Matic servers during the 2016 Election, if they did not play “Chicken Shit” by pulling out from their duties as monitors… But now, NAMFREL proponents are crying out in the street of San Francisco (Liberal City), demanding their return.

    Prior to the 2016 elections, NAMFREL was instructed by Peenoy to back out so that the “Tarlac Geek Squad” can freely hack the Smart-Matic server and alter election results to favor Leni Robredo, strongly argued by Benjamin Ventura, Honolulu Fil-Am coordinator.

    What is really the argument NAMFREL has? In all actuality, they were the same group of people that misrepresented the Catholic Church and used it for their political advantage, similar to what Jaime Cardinal Sin did…