Filipino activists against Trump’s sanctuary bill

LOS ANGELES — With the Affordable Care Act repeal on the back burner, President Donald Trump has set his sights on his immigration crackdown — meeting with the victims of criminal aliens as he pushes for Congress to vote on a pair of immigration bills.

One would strip funding from sanctuary states, while another that would put tougher penalties on previously deported felons who return to the US. 

The Pilipino Workers Center, who has been assisting undocumented immigrants while pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, believes both bills have no chance of passing.

“He can try, but I think the immigrant community or advocates for the immigrants are also joining forces to thwart all his attempts, like the healthcare, he will probably give up with the immigration,” said Lolit Andrada. 

“We’re going to be vigilant, we’re going to see and watch what’s being done, this anti sanctuary movement or policies that he wants in place, we’re very confident that they’re going to be struck down in the courts and always be challenged,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza.

While Los Angeles has never officially designated itself as a sanctuary city, it has adopted many “sanctuary-type” policies, recently adopting a $10 million dollar Justice Fund meant to provide legal help for undocumented immigrants facing deportation. 

For the activists in the front lines of the ordinance, they say it’s been a symbol of their resistance to Trump. 

“We have a good resistance, and people don’t want to let it down. We’re not those laid back places we should take the lead,” said Myrla Baldonado from the LA Coalition for Universal Representation.

For store owner Elvira Chan, while she supports immigrant rights, she says she’s had run-ins with undocumented immigrants in her area who’ve been stealing from her store, and would support stricter regulations. 

“Wag na pabalikan, no return yung na deport na way mo pabalikin mag bago Buhay nila sa ibang bansa,” she said.

As immigrant rights groups are opposing the bills, pro-Trump groups including Fil-Am founded Make Cali Great Again and Moms Against Sanctuary States have been pushing for the federal government to cut funds to sanctuary cities. 

Perhaps the biggest act of defiance against President Trump’s immigration policies can be found in the state legislature, where the California Senate is considering a bill that makes the entire state a sanctuary. 

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    30 June 2017 at 10:06 am - Reply

    According to Restituto Padogino (Stanford Security), FilAm activists these days are comparably dumber than squirrels? How so? Simply because these activists are out there protesting immigration measures that deemed to protect Americans. Padogino contends, his family migrated here in California decades ago following strict immigration laws, and not circumvent them. During those times, illegal immigrants are not even allowed to question the laws.

  • h
    30 June 2017 at 4:20 pm - Reply

    Lets all face it, states that don’t want the Sanctuary Bill, better think twice.Filipino Activists against our president Trump, better think twice. Why because your state has a lot of illegal people living in the state, like dumb California that has a lot of illegal people living there. Hey Filipino Activists what if one of you family get kill by a illegal person, what you going cry like a baby and say I should have listen to president Trump.